Our business model

Our business model

We act as a local partner to institutional investors who value our ability to create and execute large-scale property transactions in combination with our hands-on and result-oriented management. Through the years, we have been entrusted in doing business together with some of the largest pension funds in the Nordic region. We understand their need to generate return for savers and policyholders regardless of business cycle or market situation, and also the benefits in building effective and scalable real estate holdings. Cavendo’s business philosophy works well with a long-term view on business and investments.

International investors

Cavendo conducts business jointly with a number of international investors, who see opportunities for growth in the well-developed and stable markets seen in the Nordic region, and whose professional organizations are complemented by Cavendo’s expertise and local network. Our experiences from international environments and private equity create a good basis for future partnerships. Cavendo’s partnerships are founded on sustainability, loyalty and common incentives.


Deal Sourcing – Through our broad network and keen sense of business, we have a steady flow of business opportunities, for mainly large-scale investments.

Analysis – We only proceed with deals when there are solid fundamental values, a manageable risk, and good opportunities for value enhancement.

IR – When an interesting business opportunity is identified, we present it in a thorough and processed format to an investor in our network. Our process is always structured, high paced, and transparent.

Transaction – We have extensive experience of performing large and complex deals that require focus on important business-related questions. By way of forward-looking due diligence work we can begin implementing our business plan quickly and smoothly, immediately after closing.

AMOur asset management is founded equally on commercial and property related knowhow.