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About Us

Cavendo is an independent investment management company with offices in Stockholm and Helsinki. We create business opportunities for institutional investors in the Stockholm and Helsinki property markets.


Together with institutional investors, Cavendo invests in direct real estate in growing urban markets like Stockholm and Helsinki.

Asset Management

Cavendo manages its investments locally and actively. We target on the ground value creation in our properties, for investors, tenants and the community.


As a knowledge-based company, Cavendo’s largest asset lies in our people and our combined capacity to source deals and provide local, hands-on asset management capacity.


Cavendo’s property portfolio consist of retail, office and residential properties in strong urban locations of Stockholm and Helsinki. The total lettable area of these properties is 232 000 sqm.

Latest news

Luckas Stjernberg joins Cavendo as Asset Manager

Cavendo has recruited Luckas Stjernberg as an Asset Manager within its growing Stockholm portfolio. Luckas has spent 8 years working with office, F&B and retail leasing in Stockholm CBD and joins Cavendo from listed property company, Hufvudstaden.

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