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What we do

Cavendo is an independent investment management company with offices in Stockholm and Helsinki. We create business opportunities for institutional investors in the Stockholm and Helsinki property markets. Since inception, Cavendo has completed EUR 1,8 billion of property deals and currently manages a property portfolio of 292,000 sqm in Stockholm and Helsinki. Cavendo was founded in 2014 by its current partners who fully own and manage the company.

Creating business opportunities for institutional investors

Cavendo was founded to provide institutional investors with an efficient way of investing in direct real estate and deliver outstanding long-term returns. We do so through partnerships where Cavendo also commits to an investment. This creates loyalty, commitment and an alignment of interests.

Cavendo – A knowledgebased company 

It takes knowledge and experience to find, implement and actively manage the right investments. At Cavendo, we provide these services for some of the largest pension funds and private equity investors active in the Nordic market.  

Cavendo’s largest asset lies in our people and our combined capacity to source deals and provide local, hands-on asset management capacity. We invest in properties that we thoroughly understand and know how to manage successfully.

About Cavendo


Cavendo’s investors are pension funds, private equity firms and other institutional investors. Our role is based on trust, which we are honored to have been given and constantly do our best to preserve. Together with our investors we build long-term relationships based on the co-ownership of the properties we invest in. As a co-owner, Cavendo takes responsibility for all aspects of operating and managing our investments from day one till when the property is eventually disposed of to new owners.

Joint Venture Type Investors Year of Inception Location
Kluuvi Block Mixed use AXA - IM Real Assets, Cavendo 2018 Helsinkifinland_flag
Lion Mixed use Mark, Cavendo 2019 Stockholm sweden_flag
Towers Residential URSUS, Cavendo 2021 Stockholm finland_flag
Community Centres Mixed use Niam, Cavendo 2021 Stockholm sweden_flag


Below are a few of our key achievements.

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